Terms & Conditions

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty & Limitations

Stainless Steel Marine provides this Limited Warranty for product supplied  through this website.  Any question regarding this limited warranty should be made directly to Stainless Steel Marine at (310) 230-0484.

Product Display

We have made every effort to display the colors and textures of our products as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to color inconsistencies in computer monitors.


Stainless Steel Marine works diligently to ship orders quickly and accurately. In the event of a shipping error, we will correct right away. If an incorrect part is ordered, we need to be advised within  5 days in order to rectify.


Stainless Steel Marine reserves the right to change prices if necessary due to price increases from original manufacturers.

Stainless Steel Marine is a subsidiary of Plumridge, Inc.